24.5.23 - Minor visual changes, converted unnecessary table elements, added gift art in the "about" section,
9.5.23 - added timeline page for my papercrafts, added art journey page to the about section
23.4.23 - added some filler graphics
20.4.23 - Webzone renovation complete :3, too many changes to put on a list so i'll let you figure out on your own lol
27.3.23 - 2 new artworks, the bookmarks "jump to" section is now a drop-down menu
21.3.23 - Index revamp, added webring section and moved the changelog to a separate page
18.3.23 -
• Removed the splash page, it was starting to get annoying tbh, from now on visitors will be able to access content right away
• Added a "jump to" menu to the bookmarks page
• Added 2 2023 artworks
4.3.23 - Redid the gallery lightbox and fixed an annoying css issue that caused its elements to display off-center
8.02.23 - New artworks added in the 2d and printmaking sections
4.02.23 - Reimplemented the credits/faq page in the papercraft section
2.02.23 - This website is now validated :3
24.01.23 - New look for tables and headers, added the 2000's section in the art archives
13.01.23 - Actually fixed custom font not showing on certain browsers
12.01.23 - Added 4 new art and a 3d render, 2019 2d art have been archived
01.01.23 - Fixed custom font not displaying on certain browsers haha nope, added FireFox-compatible custom font
28.12.22 - 1 2019 art added, updated contacts page, fixed some grammar o-o'
19.12.22 - 2 new artworks added
03.12.22 - 1 new art, added archive page for 2014-2010 artworks
23.11.22 - New art in the 2018-2015 archive, added content warning description to marked artworks
19.11.22 - Updated contacts page, optimized navbar, added first batch of old art in the 2018-2015 archive
15.11.22 - 2 new artworks added
07.11.22 - Tidying up some more
21.10.22 - Added chalcography works in the printmaking gallery
14.10.22 - Many updated today:
• Code optimization
• Reworked list tables for better readability
• Better and fancier headers
• Art section is now divided into categories
• Improved "About" and "Contact" pages
• Chatbox page added
02.10.22 - New navbar, minor visual change for the content frame, fixed visual issues with the lightbox
13.09.22 - Code cleanup and debugging
12.08.22 - Updated the gallery layout and added a lightbox(!)
02.08.22 - Added a few f2u layouts and a music player page
28.07.22 - Minor visual changes, added "link back" section and guestbook, new bookmarks
16.07.22 - New design for the image galleries, some visual changes and improved text readability
15.0.22 - Scaled down the layout so it fit in a browser window, attempting to rework the image galleries
08.07.22 - Lotsa updates today!
• Fixed some jank in the layout
• New site graphics!
• Even more art added to the gallery
• New bookmarks
• The vampire rabbit hole have gotten considerably deeper...
01.07.22 - Added more art, reworked the bookmark page
25.06.22 - Some minor changes to the main page and art gallery
22.06.22 - Added more art to the gallery
20.06.22 - Added more links into the LoK rabbit hole
15.06.22 - Fixed a minor issue with the code, small visual tweaks to image thumbs, fixed some grammar
14.06.22 - Added a new miscellany section
13.06.22 - Finished the papercraft section by adding a crapload of photos, changed the img thumbnail style for something more convenient
11.06.22 - Minor code changes, small visual tweaks, added more art in the gallery
10.06.22 - Finished the "about" section, added a bookmarks page
09.06.22 - Added some art in the gallery, fixed some visual issues with the navbar
08.06.22 - Done with the site's graphics, can finally start to fill pages with content!
06.06.22 - Fine tuning, added some text
05.06.22 - I just spent 8hrs coding... where are my programming socks???
04.06.22 - refining...
31.05.22 - rough layout done